How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

For you who have straight hair, sometimes you may want to have curly hair and thus you create some curls with your curling iron. Well, of course, you don’t want that your hard trying to get curly hair just lasts for some hours. Look at these tips to make your curls last all day long.

Natural Hair Oils

The first tip to make your curls last longer is by relying on your natural hair oils. So you better don’t curl your hair after you wash your hair. After wash, your hair may lose its natural oils that make your curling process more difficult.

Do It in Detail

To make your curling effect stay longer, do the hairstyle in detail. First, separate your hair into some sections to ease you in curling your hair. Then use some clips to help you secure some sections of your hair. Start from your lower hair until your upper hair and do it little by little. Additionally, little curls will be stay longer than big curls.

Choose Right Curling Iron

You must know what kind of curling iron is appropriate for your hair type. For example, if your hair is straight, choose an iron which has diameter barrel ¾ inches. But if your hair is little wavy, you must choose in about 1-1.5 inches.

Right Heating

One of the reasons why your curls don’t stay longer is because you don’t set your iron in right heat. So you need to set the iron heat before you start the curling process. For curling, the right temperature is about 300⁰.

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Smooth Shaking

After you finished your curling process, chill for a while. Sometimes you make your curls look natural by shaking your hair. Actually, if you do too much shaking hair, it will make your curls broken. Shake your hair smoothly without breaking your curls.

Finish with Hair Spray

Well, you always rely on your hair spray to make your hairstyle lasts longer. For your curly hair, give spray on some parts of your hair and don’t give it too much so your hair will not too stiff. You can also clip your hair for the longer result.

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