Do’s & Don’t’s for Your Lovely Gold Jewelry

Gold is a malleable metal. It caused by an unselective process and technique, so the gold is easy to dent, scratched, or color changing (black/dull). Besides that, they can be caused by the high grade While the color changing caused by the low gold grade. Mostly is because of salt or sulfur.

The common problem of gold jewelry is easy to be dull (black/too red) whether it’s often to be used or not.

Well, below I’ll give you some do’s & don’t’s for your jewelry.


Rub your jewelry as often as possible. Use a soft rag (cotton) and abrasive material (i.e. Autosol).

Save inside a fabric bag before putting your jewelry into a leather bag/closet. You can also put a silica gel inside it. The other safe place is a paper box, plastic, or metal.

If your jewelry has too much scratch, and you don’t mind to shrink your jewelry, you can go to the goldsmith or do it by yourself use the sandpaper us the number 1000 sandpaper, after it’s smooth,  use the number 2000 sandpaper until really smooth and you can plunge your jewelry in the water occasionally. Make it shiny by using the Autosol. If it’s not shiny yet, means that the polishing is scant.

For an opaque gem problem, you can do the similar step as I said before, but it takes a long time depends on an ugliness level and the type of gem. Don’t try it on a diamond jewelry, because it has a special way.

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Use your jewelry every time. This is can damage your jewelry easily. Don’t use your jewelry when you are sleeping, washing the dishes, or wearing the latex gloves. Also, don’t use your jewelry when you are swimming or showering because the pool water contains a chemical substance which can damage your jewelry, and wash your jewelry with a cleaner in a long time. It can change the jewelry color.

Those all are the points of taking care the gold jewelry. It’s better to ask the goldsmith in a gold store where you bought before.

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