The Dressing Mistakes of Plus Size Women

If you have plus size body maybe isn’t a hitch to have a nice appearance or you want to look slim, indeed. But, even you want to be that, you must also notice some points so you don’t have a bad appearance. Because there are many mistakes that often done by the plus size women. Here, I’ll give you some of that so you can avoid.


  1. Tight clothes

Wear the clothes which suit you! Because the tight clothes can expose your body curve which isn’t pleasing to be seen. Besides that the tight clothes will make you uncomfortable to move, whereas the plus size women need good circulation for the skin.


  1. Transparent fabric

Mostly all the women wear the transparent fabric (i.e. chiffon or other fabric that transparent enough to be seen from the outside). The best solution is wearing the underclothes or choosing the patterned chiffon.


  1. Too loose clothes

The clothes will make your body looks bigger than before. Maybe this is your way to cover your plus size body. Isn’t it? You can get around by using a belt, vest, or blazer.


  1. Too much wrinkling

Don’t wear the too much wrinkling clothes, because can make your body looks bigger. Wear the clothes which have small details and combination.


  1. Boat neck top or clothes which show the cleavage

Remember if you have the plus size body, so you don’t have to wear the clothes which can expose your cleavage, you can wear the boat neck clothes which make your cleavage which can’t be exposed.

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  1. Exposed bra strap while using the tank top

It’s better to choose a bra which can sustain nicely because the exposed bra strap is impolite and not good to be seen.


How? But, it’s up to you to have a good appearance as your ways.

Tight Dress Clothes for Big Size Women The Dressing Mistakes of Plus Size Women A Nice Pale Pink Dress with Much Wrinkling Look The Dressing Mistakes of Plus Size Women Beautiful Big Women in Black Transparent Dress The Dressing Mistakes of Plus Size Women

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