Easy Ways to Combine Sneakers and Blazer Stylishly

Blazer is an important fashion item that should be owned by every man. Besides, there are some types of blazer which can be matched according to your characteristic. For you who often wear a blazer every day, you exactly know the rules that your shoes must be formal for meeting or just going to work. How to look casual with a blazer? The answer is sneakers. Yes, sneakers and blazer create the new look for men. These are the tips you should consider before wearing sneakers and blazer stylishly.

Choose the Simple Shoe Style

Try to choose the natural color such as black, navy with slim-cut pants and white sneakers with the thick sole. Combine the navy suit with the slim-cut sports sneakers. The simpler and minimalist your appearance, it looks cooler and classical outfit.

Choose the High-quality Sneakers and Blazer

The blazer is identical with the elegant and classy look so don’t choose the wrong sneakers. Try to combine your blazer with the best sneakers whether the quality and design. Combining blazer and sneakers must have a good balance each other so you will have the perfect appearance.

Match the Color

Try to wear the similar sneakers color and T-shirt under your blazer. This matching color will make your appearance more elegant and classy. For example, when you are wearing a brown blazer and black T-shirt, and then match your sneakers by choosing black color sneakers. Besides, you can also match the sneakers according to the tie color.

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Choose the Neutral Color of Sneakers

To ease you in combining the sneakers and blazer; choose the neutral color sneakers which are easier to be combined. The neutral color sneakers such as gray, black, white, and brown tend to be easily matched with any kind of outfit color.

Accentuate Your Sneakers

The length of your pants should not longer than your ankle. This is important to make your sneakers more visible. You don’t need to hesitate in showing your sneakers because, in this way, you are absolutely awesome. The fitted sneakers and blazer will also make you cool and stylish.

Now you can easily style in casual look when wearing sneakers and blazer. Do you want to try? Have fun with your fashion style!

Combining the Matching Black Color T shirt and Sneakers Looks so Cool with a Blazer Easy Ways to Combine Sneakers and Blazer Stylishly Combining the Neutral Color White Sneakers with Blazer Tends to be Easier Easy Ways to Combine Sneakers and Blazer Stylishly Handsome Man Wears Navy Blazer and White Slim Cut Sneakers Looks so Classic and Elegant Easy Ways to Combine Sneakers and Blazer Stylishly

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