How to Look Elegant and Chic with a Polka Dot Blazer

Actually, polka dot trend has popular in the ‘80s, but know it comes as a classic chic fashion trend. The most common polka dot comes in some fashion items like dress, pants, and skirt. But, if you find a polka dot blazer you may don’t want to wear it because it will be more difficult to combine. And the question is; how to be elegant with a polka dot blazer? It’s easy. You just need some inspirations like the following examples.

Bright Color Skinny Jeans

When you want an elegant look, of course, you need a black color blazer which looks elegant with polka dots. With the neutral color top, you can pair it with the bright color pants for fun look. Choose yellow skinny jeans to combine with a white tank top and polka dot blazer. Give a glamour accent with a little belt. For this style, black colored pumps and black handbag are the best choices for you.

Casual Shorts

The casual and elegant in one style is not impossible. Choose a black color polka dot blazer to combine with the grey tank top and red shorts with the front zipper as the chic accent. You can add some glamour accessories like bracelets, necklace and watch to make you looks glamour. This style seems match with a pair of sneakers for more casual chic look.

Bright Color Shirt

Create a cheerful and elegant appearance with a polka dot blazer. Add a bright color, yellow shirt underneath as a statement on your look. Let the long sleeves of your shirt pop out from the blazer as the chic and stylish accent. Pair it with black shorts which look elegant on you. For more edgy look, add a chain necklace which also looks unique on you. As the elegant look, wear black high heels which are also match with your style.

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Casual Graphic Tee

Don’t afraid to combine your polka dot blazer with a white tee to create a unique and chic look. Choose the black color trousers to make your appearance more elegant. Put the statements on the yellow pumps and polka dot clutch.

Woman Chic Style Polka Dot Blazer and Yellow Skinny Jeans How to Look Elegant and Chic with a Polka Dot Blazer Cheerful Polka Dot Style Blazer and Bright Yellow Shirt How to Look Elegant and Chic with a Polka Dot Blazer Stylish Chic with Polka Dot Blazer and Red Shorts with Front Zip How to Look Elegant and Chic with a Polka Dot Blazer


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