Back to Era 1800s with Polka-dot Dress

Polka dot is a charming pattern for your dress choice. Actually, polka dot has become a trend fashion that existed in the 1800s. But now this style is booming again since it was worn by public figures like Katy Perry and even Michele Obama. And it continues becoming a trend fashion among the popular culture.

Wearing a polka dot dress is sometimes difficult to be combined with other accessories. The polka dot itself has its bold pattern which doesn’t need another pattern to be combined. You need to know some points of applying polka dot as your outfit.

Key Points You Should Know before Wearing Polka dot Dress

Polka dot actually brings your beauty out by its circular patterns. However, it’s better to know what kind of dress which is suitable for your body shape. If you have a plus size body, choose the smallest patterns for your dress. The big dots patterns will make your body shape looks bigger. Otherwise, if you are skinny, you should choose the bigger patterns on your dress. It can bring the bigger volume effect to your appearance.

Polka dot dress is a unique and lovely style to be applied on your body. It can strongly give the feminine side of everyone using it. You will look wonderful wearing polka dot with the right choice of color. Too many colors of polka dot dress will make it unattractive.

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Color Suggestions

Generally, polka dot is contained white and black color but there are many choices of color such as red, blue, yellow, or colorful color. If you want to wear a polka dot dress, look at its color combination. Choose one which is suitable for your skin tone. If you have a light skin, you may free to choose the variety of colors. Otherwise, if you have dark skin, choose the neutral color for the elegant look such as dark blue or pastel colors which can enhance your skin tone.

There are many styles of dress you can choose with the polka dot pattern. If you have a big size posture, you are suggested to choose the dark color dress, such as black with the small patterns of white. It’s also cute to add a thin belt as additional accessories for your enchant appearance.

Cute Girls Wearing Polka Dot Dress Back to Era 1800s with Polka dot Dress Polka Dot Dress with Fishtail Hem Back to Era 1800s with Polka dot Dress Sensual Red Polka Dot Dress for Girls Outfits Back to Era 1800s with Polka dot Dress

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