Essential Cosmetics for the Makeup Beginners

Actually, whether you like it or not, every woman needs makeup on some occasions such as attending a formal event. You may a beginner who wants to learn on how to apply makeup properly. Don’t buy too many cosmetic items since you are still learners. So what kind of cosmetics you must have? Here are some essential cosmetic for the makeup beginners.


Well, lipstick is an essential cosmetic for everyone. It can help you to look fresh and bright. For the makeup beginners, I suggest you buy the natural color lipstick such as nude and red. Nude color lipstick can be applied in everyday makeup which makes you look natural with your naked makeup. While a red lipstick will help you in some formal events like a wedding party or other ceremonies. You better to choose a classic red color which looks more natural on you.

Foundation and Face Powder

The second essential cosmetic product is foundation and face powder. Foundation helps you to create the flawless skin look. Don’t forget to add face powder after the foundation for the smoother look. Choose the foundation and face powder in the same color with your skin tone for the perfect makeup. Also, for the flawless face, choose the matte face powder which has standard coverage.


Another essential cosmetic product is mascara. Actually, you may feel it’s not important for you but if you want to have a stunning makeup look, you must have it. Mascara will give you have more beautiful eyes with the thicker eyelashes. You can choose the black mascara or the transparent mascara if you like the natural looks of eyes makeup.

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Eyeliner is not only for the expert makeup, you should also have this item. With eyeliner, you can have wonderful eyes with your natural makeup. You can try pencil eyeliner which is easier to use rather than the liquid eyeliner.


Not only eyeliner and mascara, you also need eyeshadow to create a stunning eyes makeup. Choose the natural color eyeshadow like grey, brown and orange which looks wonderful on you. However, it’s not just about cosmetic; you should also do some beauty treatments for your face to keep your face naturally beautiful.

Black Mascara for Natural Looks Eye Makeup Essential Cosmetics for the Makeup Beginners Create a Stunning Eyes Makeup with Eyeshadow Essential Cosmetics for the Makeup BeginnersLipstick for Makeup Beginners Essential Cosmetics for the Makeup Beginners


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