How to Make Eyes Look Bigger and Beautiful Easily

Having the beautiful and bright eyes become the every woman’s dream. It is because, with beautiful eyes, women will look so attractive and charming. Therefore, women try to draw on the best eye makeup look, moreover women who have slanted eyes. If you have the slanted eyes, you can also do the eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger. You can read this explanation to get some ideas on how to make eyes look bigger easily.

Apply Eyeshadow

The first important way to make your eyes look bigger is using eyeshadow. In applying eyeshadow, you should select the colors which can give the bigger illusion to your eyes. Some natural colors like gray, black, and brown can amazingly give the difference on eyes look.

If you have the monolid eyes, apply eyeshadow in the bright color like silver, gold, soft blue, orange or green on the eyelid. For the outer V, you can use dark color eyeshadow such as dark brown and black. This makeup can be applied for the daily makeup look.


To bring on the brighter eyes look, you could also apply highlight on the eyelid until the eyebrow. Use eyeshadow in white color or metallic color to highlight brow bone naturally. This makeup will make your eyes look bigger significantly.


The next makeup you need to create the bigger eyes look is eyeliner. For beginners, applying eyeliner may not easy. As an alternative choose the eyeliner which is easy to be applied such as liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner. To make the eyes look bigger, make sure to create the thicker line on the outer V. Follow your upper lashline carefully to create the perfect eye look.

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Mascara can also give the bigger eyes look. It will also frame your eyes more beautiful with the thicker and curlier eyelashes. Therefore your eyes look bigger than before. Use eyelashes curler to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. Then pull the eyelashes up with mascara applicator to bring on the bigger eyes. Besides, add a loose powder to your eyelashes for the long lasting mascara.

Soft Lens

It is another option to make your eyes look bigger. You could choose a soft lens in the bigger diameter for the maximum result. This soft lens can significantly give the best result to your eyes look.

Applying Eyeliner to Make Eyes Look Bigger How to Make Eyes Look Bigger and Beautiful Easily Mascara to Make Eyes Look Bigger How to Make Eyes Look Bigger and Beautiful Easily Natural Eyeshadow for the Monolid Eyes How to Make Eyes Look Bigger and Beautiful Easily

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