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Every women would want to show their best performances. Starting from following the trend by buying new clothes to experiment and combining with the existing ones. But some women are less brave to do so. There are several reasons that make them limit themselves in dressing, such as opinions or suggestions from people around them. Not all suggestions or opinions about fashion should be listen and follow, especially if it has not proven true. Sometimes what sounds good, it was just a myth.

Sequine clothes and shinny just perfect for evening party
Shiny or sequined materials are very eye-catching to be wear everyday if combined with plain-based fashion, not just for evening party.

Long dress not for short women
Long dress surely is also belong to short women. Simply choose a dress made from soft, silky thin, to avoid the impression of large and overlapping. Then mix with a high heeled wedges. Short women in a long dress is pretty.

Do not hit and mix the color.
An unexpected color combination it actually can make a big mistakes. Two color blend of the collision is actually getting us into the spotlight. Avoid it if you are not ready.

Denim is not match with denim
You can wear jeans jacket with jeans as long as you can vary the two sections exactly. Skinny jeans and white pants with colored jeans jacket accented belt became worn and is a perfect blend.

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Shocking brightly colored shoes with dark stockings
Black tights give the impression of extra chic when worn with a pair of eye-catching pumps. It is important to look for convenience in choosing shoes. With a combination of dark colors and bright on tights, automatically all eyes will be focused on your shoes, so do not let your foot blisters caused inconvenience of shoes and difficult for you to walk.

Leather clothes only for bikers
Clothing made of leather may seem wild for some people. You do not need to be a fan of rock music or bikers to come up with leather. You can look polite using this clothes. Simply select leather skirt or knee-length leather dress, then add a jacket or shirt.

Some myths and facts above are must know and must learn. Not every myth or fact is match with everyone. For one this can be a myth, but for others this can be fact. The point is that, proper dressing with proper clothing will give you the final result : Perfect!

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