Must Have Fashion Items

Accessories to complement our clothing or appearance is a must. An appearance will never look perfect, if not equipped with the proper use of accessories. Use accessories to complement the overall look of your outfit that will give a different color. Having accessories as a collection ranging from jewelry, handbags or shoes are a must. Because the clothes that you wear will become trendy with a touch of accessories.

List below are fashion items that should be owned or must have by every woman:

1. Diamond
Diamonds will give the impression of bling and shine. Regardless of shape, model and type of accessories that you have, can be a diamond ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. Eventhough how casual is your looks, and whatever is your appearance, either with shorts or t-shirts will still look luxurious with a touch of diamond sparkle.

2. Pearl
Pearls in earrings or the necklace will give effect graceful and elegant.

3. Gemstones
Ethnic jewelry with a sprinkling of colorful gemstones will provide shocking effect on your appearance. Can be a ring with large gemstones, necklaces or brooches.

4. Bracelet
Gold bracelet, silver bracelet or enamel bangle is a classic accessory that will last a lifetime. It is suitable combined with any outfit and is worn either on the day or night.

5. Watch
Choose a watch with a high quality of gold or stainless steel material for the classic style to give the perfect touch on your appearance.

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6. Belt
Waist belt is the camouflage accessories. By simply adding a belt will change your total appearance. Have a collection of belts ranging from the size of a thin, medium and large or big belts.

7. Bag
Bags must be owned as a complement to your appearance and will match with any outfit and conditions. The perfect ones is a medium leather bag. This is even perfect for your daily style.

8. Clutch
Clutch is required to complement your evening gown. Have a small clutch and a bit thin with dark or golden color or monochrome. Clutch size earned only enough to carry small items such as mobile phones and tissue.

9. Pumps shoes
Black pump shoes are a must-have item. Pump shoes give a professional impression to the office style and sexy for the evening event.

10. Flat shoes
Flat shoes also a must-have item. It is suitable for use in a long trip or for casual occasions or events in the afternoon.

Have you had all a must have fashion items above? Not yet? Well, start to collect now.

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