Fashion Tips – Try These Genius Layering Tricks for Vacation

Although fashion trend always changes by the time, but this fashion trend is never ending, layering outfits. This layering fashion trend is perfect for vacation time with your family during the chilly days. Even with some layer clothes, surely you can stay stylish and beautiful. Not all women can mix and match layering outfit perfectly. If it is done wrongly, you may look fat or too much with your outfit. These are some genius layering tricks to keep you stylish and chic during the vacation.

Shirt, T-shirt and Jumper Layer

Shirt, T-shirt and jumper, three of them are the most flexible outfits to style the layering fashion. But, you should consider the fabric of your shirt and T-shirt to try these genius layering tricks. Choose clothes made from cotton which has the appropriate elasticity so it will be more comfortable when combining with a jumper. In choosing jumper, you could wear the turtleneck or silk to make your fashion looks stylish and chic.

Long Cardigan or Coat

If you like wearing skinny pants but want another touch or accent on your appearance, these genius layering tricks can be your choice. Combine your skinny pants with a simple top and add a long cardigan or coat in the matching color. Another choice, you can mix and match a tunic, coat or long cardigan by adding a necklace to create the glamor and attractive look.

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Half-sleeved Coat

The last genius layering tricks are perfect for the casual and relax time when you are on a vacation with your family. Pair a half-sleeved coat with jeans to create the casual fashion look. A mini skirt can also be your choice if you want to look taller.

Sleeveless Coat

A type of coat which is easy to be added on your fashion is a sleeveless coat. These genius layering tricks are similar when you are wearing a vest. Instead of function as a warmer item, this coat tends to be a sweetener accent on your appearance. Therefore, you can pair a sleeveless coat with a simple turtleneck sweater. For the more elegant fashion trend, combine your outfit with skinny pants.

Casual Layering Outfit with Jeans and Sleeveless Coat Fashion Tips   Try These Genius Layering Tricks for Vacation Coor Layering Outfit with Sweater and green Coat Fashion Tips   Try These Genius Layering Tricks for Vacation Layering Clothes with a White Shirt Jumper and Pants Fashion Tips   Try These Genius Layering Tricks for Vacation


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