Fashion Tips for All Types of Body Shape

In considering fashion, the body shape is an important thing we should concern to have a good appearance. If you do the mistake in choosing your outfit, you will look bigger, tacky or weird. Generally, there are three types of body shape, small, tall and plus size. Of course, every body shape needs the different type of outfit each other. But, there are some fashion tips which can be applied for every type of body shape.

Proportion is Balance

Generally, women have already known what kind of outfit which appropriate and suitable for them. But, sometimes you don’t pay attention on the proportion. The right proportion for a good appearance is balance. The best combination is combining the oversized outfit with another fitted outfit. It means that in choosing the outfit, you should consider the balanced proportion. Another example, if you wear a maxi skirt, you should select a top which is fitted to your body.

Playing the Color

If you have a plus size body, you should wear the dark color outfits. In the opposite, if you have a small body, choose the outfit in bright color. You can also play the color to your outfits to hide your deficiency. The key is, if you wear a top with the full pattern, you must combine it with another neutral color item which can make your appearance elegant. For example, if you are not confident with your big legs, you can wear the dark color jeans with a matching cardigan.

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The Outfit Structure

Actually, to make your body more balanced and attractive, you can play with the outfit structure. For example, you can choose a blazer with the wide shoulders to gives the smaller accent on your waist.

Diagonal Striped

Instead of choosing the horizontal or vertical, you can try the diagonal stripes for your dress. The diagonal stripes give the hourglass illusion on your body. The most important is how you place the diagonal stripes in the area you want to look slimmer.


The pattern choice is also important when you talk about the body shape. The bigger your body, the bigger pattern you should choose and vice versa. The dark color pattern also can make your body look slimmer. For you who have the pear body shape, you better wear a top in a brighter color than your bottom outfit.

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