A Fashion Trends of American & European Teens

For the women, talk about fashion world is endless. Fashion trend will change as time goes by. We know that a fashion trend isn’t only happening in present time. The last decades have been a lot of turnover of fashion trends. The way of dressing also can be applied in your daily. You can dress to kill.

At this time, there’s a popular fashion trend which is in vogue. The casual style is still being favorite for American & European teens. This style still uses the kind of old clothes, such as jacket or sweater, skinny jeans, a mini skirt which combined with the tight legging. The difference is a blend of colors which create something new and dynamic. Usually, they add the use of hat, scarf, or jewelry. Also, wear some type of shoes like slip on shoes, sneakers, boots, high heels, even flat shoes.

This style shows casual edgy look, simple style, or casual hipster look. You just do the mix and match as you want. By following this style, you will look more casual and cool. Moreover, possibility you will be a trendsetter.

For you who love casual yet feminine, you should wear a sweater as the top; combine it with a mini skirt and legging. Wearing boots or sneakers will perfect your outfit. When the winter comes, you can wear a midi coat and skinny jeans. Don’t forget your wooly scarf and beanie hat.

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If you want a casual edgy look, you should wear skinny jeans and combine it with the leather rider jacket and boots. Sunglasses can be your accessories.

Wearing your t-shirt and ripped jeans, then combine with the sneakers, there’s nothing wrong. Also, wear the white long sleeve mix with your boots and you can put a simple necklace on your neck. You can wear your slip-on shoes and combine it with the sweater, but before wearing it, you should wear the short-sleeved shirt. So, the collar is visible from outside.

Yup! The casual style is a fashion trend nowadays. Maybe it’ll be a forever trend. You can try it to upgrade your dress. Don’t hesitate to do a mix & match, girls!

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