Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 1

Yup! As I said before, fashionista, the fashion style always changes as the time goes by. The fashion style always becomes a trend and usually its trend originate from several years ago even decades ago. Anyway, you have to know the fashion styles which had been a trend several years ago even decades ago.

In 1920 – Melindrosa

After the World War I, America as the center of fashion world got the prosperous era which influenced the fashion style. In 1920, the jazz music, glamour dance rose in that year. Also, it was a sign of the illegal business.

The Melindrosa fashion style user called as Flapper, identical with the usage of excessive makeup, glamour dressing, drank the alcohol, rode a car, and smoked.

In 1930 – Rastafarians

Began in 1930, after the Haile Selassie as the Ethiopia Emperor, the Rastafarians avoided the damaging things, applied the peace life, tolerated, respected their self, and got an inspiration of their traditional cultural.

In the early ‘70s, a support from a legend icon (Bob Marley), the Rastafarian trend more growing, and the Rastafarian group used the belt, hand band, hat, T-shirt, and the colors similar to the Ethiopia flag (red, gold, and green). This community was really eyed catchy and easily to be known because they looked attractive with the dreadlock hair. People loved this hairstyle because it used the traditional and natural materials.

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In 1960 – Futurism

In early 1960 signed with a domestic technology invasion which could reach all circle. Television, washing machine, car, and iron started to be used widely with the affordable price.

This era was a future era aka Futurism in the fashion world. The fashion in the 1960s dominated with the minimalist clothing with the stripe and dot pattern which impressed the modernity and high technology meaning.

In 1970 – Skaters

Skating was very popular in the early 1970s. Skaters, called as skating players, usually showed their attraction in the arena. But, in the long run, they started to play in the public area which caused conflict with the police. Since then, the skaters were as a lifestyle. The fashion style of the skaters was baggy pants, T-shirt with the graphic picture stencil and bright colors.

Awesome Futurism Fashion Style Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 1 Rastafarian Fashion Style for Women Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 1 Unique Melindrosa Fashion Style Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 1

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