Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 2

Have you read the last article? It’s the 2nd part of the last article. Actually, there are many fashion styles in this world and every fashion style exactly has its own history.

In 1980 – Casual

This style showed the successfulness and personal wealth and people called it as Thatcherism because it coincides with the Margaret Thatcher who has become a prime minister of England. The casual style was a completion of sporty style which made it trendy. The characteristic of casual style is used the famous brand outfits such as Lacoste, Lois, Burberry, and Adidas. But, according to me, casual style is a timeless style because many people choose this style as their daily style.

In 1990 – Grunge

Grunge music was as a fashion symbol in the 1990s. Nirvana, a group which used the grunge music gender started to be popular in the world. This gender music began from America then gave influence to the England. But, in 1990 was the worst year of the fashion world history.

The jean pants, T-shirt, and combining of wide squares patterned cloth as the identical characteristic of fashion style nowadays, and the long and messy hair as the complement.

In 2010 – Hipster

This year emerged a pop culture, called as Hipster. This culture from the United States and was popular to all youth in the world. The culture of hipster dressing was emphasized the self-sustaining activity, DIY (Do It Yourself), and anti-conservative.

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The beginning of this hipster culture was emphasized on the fashion style of the homeless people and poor urban people in the United States. The hipster culture is also emphasized on their activity which couldn’t free from personal gadgets (i.e. smartphone, laptop, and another personal hardware).

The skinny jeans, big eyeglass, messy hair, T-shirt, oversized clothes, high boot, headgear, scarf, jacket, brought the smartphone/laptop, rode a bicycle, vintage bag, and drank a cup of coffee in the corner of the cafe as the symbol of hipster fashion style.

What fashion style do you want to choose? Some fashion styles still the choice of people or become a trend. But, some people are also modifying the styles. Don’t forget to read the first article of Some Fashion Styles in the World, fashionista!

Stylish Hipster Fashion Style for a Girls Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 2 Cool Grunge Fashion Style Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 2 Casual Fashion Style for Beautiful Women Some Fashion Trends in the World Part 2


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