Feel Difficult to Apply Gel Eyeliner? These are the Tricks

For women, wearing gel eyeliner may be the most difficult eyeliner to apply. Although this eyeliner is difficult to apply, it tends to last longer than the other types of eyeliner. Some makeup beginners are better to apply pencil eyeliner because it is easy to remove and apply. Gel eyeliner is usually packed in a transparent pot with an applicator brush which sometimes is not comfortable. Well, you should have some tricks to ease you in doing makeup easily.

Clean the Brush Routinely

The applicator brush usually leaves the clumpy gel eyeliner on it. The clumpy gel becomes thicker and makes the brush stiff and not flexible. Therefore, to apply gel eyeliner, you should routinely clean the applicator brush at least once a week. If you don’t want to wash your brush, you only need to rub the brush on the wipe to remove the gel eyeliner and thus, the brush will back to be flexible.

Use Eye Primer

Although gel eyeliner has long lasting and waterproof characteristic, but to apply gel eyeliner, you are better to apply an eye primer before. Not only keep the eyeliner stay longer but eye primer also resolves the oily eyelid problem. After add the eye primer, apply gel eyeliner carefully on the lash line for the natural and beautiful eye look.

Take the Eyeliner Rightly

Most of women may not know the right way to take the gel eyeliner with the applicator brush. If you poke the gel from the tube with brush, then apply gel eyeliner to your eyelid, it’s completely wrong. It is because the gel will clump on the brush and difficult to apply. Therefore, you should take gel eyeliner by wiping the eyeliner little by little, then apply gel eyeliner to the lash line carefully.

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Apply Rightly

Apply gel eyeliner by closing your eye to ease you in the process. Draw the line like you want such as cat eye look. Choose the sharper brush part to draw the thin line on the upper lash line then go upward on the outer corner. Then fill the frame with gel eyeliner carefully to create the neat eyeliner look. Wait it until dry then you can open your eye.

Use cotton bud with makeup remover to correct the result. Happy trying, Ladies!

Applying Gel Eyeliner Rightly with a Brush Feel Difficult to Apply Gel Eyeliner? These are the Tricks Beautiful Look of Black Gel Eyeliner Feel Difficult to Apply Gel Eyeliner? These are the Tricks The Right Way to Take Gel Eyeliner with Brush Feel Difficult to Apply Gel Eyeliner? These are the Tricks

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