How to Look Feminine with Army Green Outfit

Women, who like tomboy style, always select some neutral color outfits such as army green color. It is because the army green color creates the masculine and casual appearance. The army green color outfits usually come in cargo pants, parka, or jogger pants which are identical with the masculine style. But, actually, you can also look feminine in army green outfits. It depends on how you style your appearance. In this article, there are some ideas to style the girly or feminine look with the army green color outfits.

Army Green Blazer

Combining chic and casual appearance seems so fun and unique. You can create the girly and elegant appearance with an army green blazer. With a black leather mini skirt, your appearance will be really feminine and chic instantly. It looks elegant pairing with a black color tank top. The army green blazer looks so feminine on you in this simple combination. Keep in stylish with your favorite black ankle boots which combine perfectly with this feminine chic style. You only need some little accessories like the bracelet or watch to enhance your girly look.

Army Green Overalls

It seems impossible to create the feminine and elegant look with army green color overalls but in this way, you can. The wide-leg overalls with some gold buttons in detail, your appearance will be really elegant and girly. A black color turtleneck looks genius to wear underneath. Make your army green outfit more feminine with a pair of black lace-up wedges which look elegant in this style. You can sling a white sling bag which looks so feminine in your outfit.

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Army Green Blouse

Feminine is not always about formal and glamor appearance. You can also create the feminine look in a casual way. An oversized army green blouse tucked in shorts look so chic and casual but still feminine. The army green outfit is also elegant with the animal printed pointy toe shoes to enhance your feminine appearance. A gold necklace also goes perfectly with this army green outfit. You can make it more feminine and elegant with a black color satchel bag.

Casual Style in Army Green Blouse and Shorts How to Look Feminine with Army Green Outfit Army Green Overalls and Black Turtleneck Outift How to Look Feminine with Army Green Outfit Army Green Blazer and Black Mini Skirt Combination How to Look Feminine with Army Green Outfit

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