Fix the Broken Makeup by Yourself

For the beauty junkies, makeup is their mainstays. They will keep their lovely makeup as best as possible and never want to ruin it. But, sometimes can’t avoid a problem. The common problem of having makeup is to see this kit broken. There are many causes of this problem, whether because of a carelessness, fell, didn’t close the makeup lid properly, and sometimes as a toy for the little ones.

The commonly problematic makeup is a lipstick, blush on, eye shadow, powder, and others. This is a big problem if want to use a lipstick but unconsciously it’s broken, while in a hurry. Don’t worry and don’t be sad, the lipstick still can be fixed.

Go to the kitchen and take a lighter. Heat the broken lipstick, but don’t burn it. Just heat the edge of the lipstick to make it melts. After that, paste it on another piece, and flatten it with the finger gently. Another way is to use a hairdryer to heat the lipstick.

Want to have a pallet lipstick? Heat a lipstick until it really melts. Don’t forget to heat it on an aluminum foil and place it above Teflon. Then, move the molten lipstick into a closed small jar such as a used makeup jar. Flatten the lipstick use a cuticle pusher or others. Also, before heating the broken lipstick, move all of it into a jar, then heat with a hairdryer and flatten it. To have a solid lipstick again, place the lipstick in a refrigerator.

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The dry nail polish, mascara, or eyeliner? No problem! Let boil the water in a pan. Wait for it until really boils. After that, turn off the stove. Place the dry nail polish, mascara, or eyeliner into it and let sit for one hour.

To soften the hardened face mask, use the rosewater. Pour the rosewater bit by bit into the face mask to get the desired result.

If you want to fix your broken makeup, remember to wash your hand before doing it. Also, make sure your surroundings and the tools are clean. So, your lovely makeup can’t be contaminated.

How to Repair a Broken Lipstick Fix the Broken Makeup by Yourself To Soften the Hardened Face Mask Use the Rosewater Fix the Broken Makeup by Yourself Put Your Mascara into Warm Water to Repair It Fix the Broken Makeup by Yourself

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