Fresh and Chic with the Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt always looks classy, feminine and eye-catching. Sometimes, this skirt cannot be easily combined with some fashion items and thus you avoid this skirt for your daily outfits. Actually, you can have the awesome appearance with the pleated skirt if you combine it rightly. You can look at these tips to create the fresh and chic style with the pleated skirt.

Casual Style

The simplest way to wear the pleated skirt is combining it with a T-shirt. To avoid the plain look, choose a T-shirt with picture and give some accessories such as necklace and bracelet to create the fancier look. Make it more attractive with the bright color shoes like a pair of pink point-toe pumps.

Little Belt

A little belt will give the sweeter look on your plain pleated skirt. Choose the pastel color skirt which looks feminine on you. Pair it with the dark color blouse which is in the same color scheme with your skirt.

Cool Leather Jacket

Don’t afraid to add an outer when you wearing a pleated skirt. The most important are you must choose the fit size leather jacket to create the balance look with your pleated skirt. First, wear a white T-shirt and tuck in your black pleated skirt. Add a black leather jacket which can harmonize your look. Also, add a beautiful necklace which looks so elegant on you. Wear your pretty high heels for more feminine and classy appearance.

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Office Style

The pleated skirt is also elegant for work. Create the elegant look with the dark color pleated skirt and a white shirt. Don’t forget to wear your fancy heels to give the more elegant look. You can also add some accessories to maximize your professional appearance.

The Slimmer Look

Not only fashionable, the pleated skirt also can make you look slimmer. You can create it by tucking your shirt in your skirt. This way can make your waist slimmer. Wear the elegant high heels which also create the taller accent on you.

Beautiful High Heels

Pleated skirt creates the taller look of your legs. For the perfect look, wear your high heels which look so elegant on you. You can choose ankle strap sandals or the classic pumps which both are stunning.

Beautiful Women Wearing Pleated Skirt and Beautiful High Heels Fresh and Chic with the Pleated Skirt Nice Pleated Skirt Combining it with a T shirt Fresh and Chic with the Pleated Skirt Wearing a Pleated Skirt with a Cool Leather Jacket Fresh and Chic with the Pleated Skirt

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