How to Look Good on Jeans

Jeans are the clothes that demand by almost all generations. Even jeans are now worn not just chill out during the event, but has tended to subject people to the various events.

How to Look Good on Jeans? There are several things that must be considered in order to match your appearance when wearing clothing made from this denim.

Big Belly and Tight Jeans
Most women experience it, a condition in which fat stomach visible above the waistband folded because jeans are worn too tight, or too low cut. To fix this, do not wear jeans in a too tight size, or with a waistband that is too low. The right choice is jeans that fall in the middle of the waist and hips.

See Your Back
If your favorite jeans are low cut, what must be considered is the back waist. Always make sure that no underwear worn visible or sticking out. To overcome this, always wear belts to hold the pants and do not forget to pull the shirt if it will bend or sit.

The Big Hip
You better not wearing baggy jeans. Despite the large size, mean you do not pay attention to the shape of your hips. Rather than look good, you will look like an ice cream cone while walking.

Jeans for Mommy
Should not wear high waisted jeans, because when you are wearing it looks like your butt out of shape.

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Good luck then!

Woman wearing Skinny Jeans How to Look Good on Jeans

Big Belly and Tight Jeans How to Look Good on Jeans

Man with Jeans How to Look Good on Jeans

Maternity Jeans How to Look Good on Jeans

Woman Wearing Jeans seen from the back How to Look Good on Jeans




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