How to be Graceful with Midi Skirt

Midi skirt is identical to a formal and polite appearance. However, you can wear this skirt for every occasion not just for formal event. If you are still confused on how to wear this skirt, read these tips.


Neutral Color

One of the easiest and safest ways to wear a midi skirt is choosing a neutral color such as black, grey, or white. As a beginner, you better to choose a black skirt and combine it with grey T-shirt. For more elegant appearance, select long sleeves T-shirt which is so graceful with your black skirt.


Color Block

Another way to wear a midi skirt is by color blocking. For you who tend to have a bold appearance, you can try this way. Select two bright color such as yellow and pink which can accentuate both colors. As a glamorous accent, you can wear animal printed shoes and handbag.


Patterned Skirt

Never doubt to wear a patterned midi skirt because it can make you more attractive. Smooth your appearance with the neutral color of your tops such as denim jacket. If you are not confident with the full patterns, you can choose the simplest one, for instance, stripes patterns.



Want to have a different and unique style? You can wear a fringe midi skirt to make you more stylish. If you like a boho chic style, you can wear a soft color like cream and brown. Don’t forget to add some necklaces on your neck to enhance your appearance.

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Crop Top

Your midi skirt will look so beautiful combined with a crop top. A midi skirt usually covers your waist thus you can take advantage of it by wearing a crop top. Choose black color which looks so elegant and graceful. Complete your appearance with a pair of strap pumps.


Casual Sneakers

Having casual appearance with a midi skirt is actually not difficult. You just need to wear your sneakers and sweaters. Choose a turtleneck sweater and straight skirt for a timeless style. You will look casual and elegant in a soft color like cream or white.


Ankle Boots

You can accentuate edgy style by wearing your midi skirt and ankle boots. The straight or A-line skirt can be the best combination with your ankle boots.

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