Guidance to Wear Neckerchief in Your Daily Clothes

Do you remember with the headband style in the 1990s? Well, this accessory is popular again in chic and stylish mode which is called neckerchief. This small accessory actually can make your appearance looks stylish and elegant. Look at these following examples fashion style of the neckerchief.


Denim and neckerchief can be the perfect combination. You can wear your denim jacket, shirt, or dress with your red neckerchief. If you like chic and feminine appearance, you can wear your mini denim dress and combine it with your ankle boots. Wow, you will look gorgeous!

Black Dress

You can wear your neckerchief with a black dress for an elegant and dainty appearance. Combine your classic black dress with white sneakers as the sporty accent of your appearance. Choose a brown neckerchief which is matched with the black color of your dress.

Jeans and White T-shirt

Pair your neckerchief with a white T-shirt and Jeans pants for a casual look. Choose patterned neckerchief to give the attractive accent on your clothes. Select skinny jeans and your high heel booties to complete your cool fashion.

Off-shoulder Top

Make your off-shoulder top more stylish with a neckerchief. Choose the neckerchief color which is matched with your top’s color. This neckerchief actually presents the eye catchy look. Make it perfect with unique flat sandals in the same color with your top. You can wear straps sandals to make you more feminine and stylish.

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Pastel Color

Wearing pastel colors for your outfit in the same shade tone will also give the chic appearance. Combine your solid color blouse with a jacket and neckerchief in the same tone of color. Give more glamor touch with floral shorts. So beautiful!


Choose a bright color of neckerchief for your outdoor outfit. You can match it with culottes and trendy sandals. Choose stripes sleeveless shirt and white culottes which will be so cool with a red neckerchief. Add some gold accessories to give the fancy look like bracelet or necklace. You just need to wear simple flat sandals to complete your appearance. After you read this article, don’t be doubt to wear your neckerchief! Keep stylish!

Stylish White Off shoulder Top with Red Neckerchief Guidance to Wear Neckerchief in Your Daily Clothes Beautiful Girls Wear a Black Dress with Neackerchief Guidance to Wear Neckerchief in Your Daily Clothes Perfect Combination of Denim Vest with Black Bandana Neckerchief Guidance to Wear Neckerchief in Your Daily Clothes

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