Hair Problems and the Solutions

Hair is the important factor to make your appearance beautiful. But, there are many problems of hair such as dandruff, white hair, and hair fall which become concern of many people. So what are the solutions? This article gives you the explanation of hair problems and solutions to cope with them.


Dandruff occurs because of the microorganism growth on the head skin as the accumulation of the chemical substance of shampoo and the hair oil. The microorganisms proliferate on the oily head skin. Besides, dandruff can also be caused by fungus.

So, how to cope with the dandruff problem? You must keep your head skin not too oily by washing hair routinely. After applying shampoo, try to rinse your hair carefully until it is really clear from the shampoo. Don’t forget to keep your comb clean because the dirty comb is the place of fungus growth.


The hair fall actually is normal on your hair but it must be no more than 100 strands every day. If the number is more than 100, the hair fall is abnormal. Your hair will be thin and moreover can be the baldness.

The baldness can be caused by dandruff and can also because of the hormone. On the men, the androgen hormone is broken and creates the DHT hormone which makes the hair follicle narrow. Therefore, the hair is continuingly falling and become the baldness which most common on men.

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You should consume salmon, cereal, bean, banana, and carrots which contain biotin to stimulate the hair growing. Also consume medicine which can prevent the DHT and can stimulate the hair growing. Hair laser can be another way to increase the blood circulation and oxygen to strengthen your hair.

Broken Hair

The brittle and broken hair may be caused by the lack of protein consumption and other factors like the mistake when combing hair or stylish hair.

You should increase the consumption of nuts, almond, wheat, eggs, milk, cheese and red meat. Also, try to use wood comb which is smoother for your hair and don’t be too hard in combing hair. If you use the hair dryer, make sure that you are doing the right technique to avoid the damage hair.

Dandruff Occurs Because of the Microorganism Growth on the Head Skin Hair Problems and the Solutions The Baldness Can be Caused by Dandruff and can also Because of the Hormone Hair Problems and the Solutions The Brittle and Broken Hair may be Caused by the Lack of Protein Consumption and other Factors Hair Problems and the Solutions

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