Hairstyles for the Chubby Face

Choosing right hairstyle actually is important for everyone. As we already knew that your hairstyle must be suitable for your face shape to make you more beautiful. If you have a round and chubby face, you may still confuse to choose what is the right haircut for you. Just look at these tips to help you consider your haircut style.


Natural Long Hair

Long hair is very suitable for your round face. Let your hair down naturally and volumized. Very straight sleek hair will make your face look chubbier and thus you need to add volume to your hair. You better to have long hair over your shoulder to make your face looks oval but don’t be too long.


Long Layered Haircut

Long hair can make your face looks gaunter. If you add some layer haircut on your front hair, it will cover your chubby cheeks. To make your appearance perfect, you can also make side bangs.


Long Bob

Bob hairstyle was popular in 2014 and still existed until 2015 because it can make you fresh and stylish. But if you want to have this style, it’s no matter even though you have a chubby face. You can choose a long bob haircut to your hair because with the long hair of your front sides’ hair, it will cover your chubby cheeks perfectly.


Mid Length Cut

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This haircut has on shoulder length with bangs. You can apply this hairstyle to your round face to make you more elegant and stylish. You can add some accessories like cute clips on your bangs. It will be more beautiful to have side bangs for your round face.


Curly Hair

You may think that round face is not appropriate with this hairstyle. However, you can have curly hair for your chubby face but try to make some layers of your front side hair. This layered hair will give more oval effect on your face.


Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair is perfect for your round face because it can make your face looks gaunter. With the mess accents of this style, your appearance will be unique and stylish. You can also easily to arrange your hair by this haircut. Give a cuter touch with shaggy bangs on your forehead.

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