Hairstyles for the College Student

Even you are a college student and busy with the tasks and activities on campus doesn’t mean that you can’t care about your appearance, especially the hair. Sometimes because so busy, just tie your hair or comb the hair away. Why do you need to care for your hair? Girls, you are created to be beautiful. Don’t let your activity ruins your appearance. It’s not about to attract the guys, but only to freshen up your face and don’t look so stress. I’ll give you some simple hairstyles for the college student.


  1. Straight strands

You just to comb your hair and apply the hair serum, your hair will be straight and tidy.

  1. Side-bangs bob

Apply the bob hairstyle with medium length. Blow dries your hair to get volumized hair. Don’t forget to give serum, so your hair will be shiny and healthy.

  1. Fishtail braid

The braided hairstyle is a trend. You can choose the fishtail braid hairstyle. To get a stunning look, you can ombre your hair before braiding your hair.

  1. Half-side braid

Yes, the braided hair style will make your look becomes girly and elegant. You can choose this hairstyle with braid your hair on the one side of the head. Braid your hair start from top to the center on the back side.

  1. Medium straight

Just let your hair flowing away and still get a chic look. Blow dries the hair tip to the inside. You can also change the hair color becomes brighter to freshen up your face.

  1. Beach wavy hair
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This hairstyle will give the casual and fresh look because of the wavy hair on the center to the hair tip. You can also add some accessories such as bandana or bobby pin.

  1. Fringed bob

Who says that the short hairstyle can’t be styled? You can curl on the hair tip. To get a natural look, use the wide diameter curling iron.

  1. Swept-side ponytail

If you want to simple hairstyle, just tie your hair with ponytail style. Your look will be fresh. Embed your bangs to the ear.


Well, those hairstyles can be your choice to care your own appearance. Do the best and keep in style.

Straight Strands Hairstyles Hairstyles for the College Student Bob Hairstyles with Fringe Hairstyles for the College Student Cute Swept Side Ponytail Hairstyle Hairstyles for the College Student

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