How to Handle Your Silky Outfits

Silk is the queen of fabrics. How come? Well, it’s popular because of its luxury and already known since thousands of years ago. It has the smooth texture. Actually, there are many types of silk, but I want to talk about to handle the silk because the silky outfits need the special handling.

Hand washing tips

You can bring your silky silk to the professional dry cleaning service, but you can also do it by yourself. Below are some tips to wash your silky outfits by hand washing:

– Avoid soaking your silk in a long time

– Soak your silk in the lukewarm water

– Choose the non-alkaline soap such as baby shampoo

– Don’t use the bleaching and brightening detergent

– Don’t twist your silk, just let it dry by itself

–  You can several tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in the rinse water to remove the soap residuals

Washing machine tips:

– Use the mild detergent

– Don’t choose the enzyme and brightening detergent

– If you wash in the top-loading machine, use the mesh bag for the extra protection, but you don’t need to use it if you use the front-loading machine.

– Don’t forget to separate the colors

Even your silk labeled safe for washing in the machine, it’s better to do the hand washing

Drying tips:

– Don’t dry your silky outfits under the sun directly. Put it in the lee

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– Hang your silk

– If you want to use the dryer, set it on “air fluff heatless”

Ironing tips:

– When in damp, use the iron on “silk” setting

– Too hot temperature will burn and wrinkled the silk. Use the medium temperature

– Flip the silky outfits before ironing

– Use a cloth to cover the silk

Other tips:

– Don’t use any perfume when using the silky outfits because the alcohol and chemicals will ruin yours

– Save your silky outfits in the dry place

– If you want to hang your silk, use the foam-covered hanger

– Wrinkled silk? Just hang it in the bathroom and just iron on “silk” setting for the stubborn wrinkle

Take care of your silky outfits, so your outfits will be long lasting and stay beautiful.

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