Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?

Physical form would not be changed with ease. Weight loss can still be controlled and shaped to your liking. But what about the height, can you determine the height to your liking? Certainly not an easy thing. But you still can deal it with various tips and tricks in dressing. Some tricks to dress below will help you create the impression of height.

Starting from the posture, always position your body in an upright condition. Straightened by pulling the shoulder toward the back, will help you look taller. Perhaps the first way is rather difficult to apply, but if you always try and keep trying then eventually the body will get used to the upright body position.

In choosing clothes to wear, you should choose clothing that has the feel of the monochromatic colors or one color. Monochromatic colors can help to deceive any person who sees your appearance. Your body will seem higher and well proportioned.

If you want to wear a striped, should avoid clothing with a pattern of horizontal lines because the motive will only add to the impression of width on the shape of the body. The motive suggested is a vertical line, because it can make the body seem taller and slimmer.

Or you could also choose clothing that accentuates your neck, if you want to look taller. Choose clothing with a V-shaped collar, for your neck look more level.

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If you want to look stylish by wearing jeans, skinny jeans is a model that is very fitting for those who have a short body who wants to look taller. In addition to skinny jeans, wide piped pants with a pattern of fine lines can also add a high effect. If the length of the pants almost touching the floor, mix with high heels for your appearance look more proportional and your legs look more level.

If you want to look feminine by wearing a skirt, the pencil skirt model also can help you seem more foot ladder. Avoid skirts that are too long because it will drown your body shape.

High heels are the mainstay weapon and must-have if you want to disguise your posture and look taller. Wedges model could be the right choice. Avoid using flat shoes, ankle boots and T-strap, because it is not suitable for short posture.

The selection of accessories can also help provide a high effect on your posture. Necklace and earrings with dangle length model is ideal for creating high effect. Avoid using short necklace because it will only ruin your appearance.

Woman with Vertical Stripes Dress Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?

Good Woman Posture Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?

Man with Vertical Stripes Shirt Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?

Modern Sknny Jeans to Look Taller Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?

Monochromatic Dress Wants to Look High with Your Clothes?


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