Several Different Ideas on Wearing Scarf Attractively

The scarf has become the most popular accessories for women. From the color, fabric and pattern choices, a scarf can be created in several functions for women fashion style. Here are some tricks on wearing scarf idea stylishly and attractively.


The first wearing scarf idea is as a headpiece. Do you experience a bad hair day? Instead of tying your hair all day long, make your scarf as a headband. Choose the cheerful pattern such as polka dot or floral for your headband scarf. This idea can also resolve your bad hair day effortlessly.

Waist Twist

Do you feel that your outfit is too plain? The second way of wearing scarf idea is created as a waist twist. Add a scarf on the waist as an accent on your shift dress. This unique accent can also hide your big belly perfectly. Just tie a scarf on around your waist and make a twist in front. If you wear the plain dress, choose the patterned scarf. Do the opposite if you choose the patterned outfits.

Shoulder Warmer

If the weather goes chilly but you lazy to wear jacket or coat, you can apply this wearing scarf idea fashionably. Choose a big scarf such as a blanket scarf to cover your body from the chilly air. Like the previous wearing scarf idea, select a patterned scarf to add to your plain outfit. This idea can make your appearance more stylish and attractive.

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Tuck in Belt

Do you want to enhance your fashion appearance with T-shirt and jeans? This trick may help you. Fold a scarf in a triangle shape and wear it on the neck until cover your front body part. Add a belt on your waist and tuck the scarf into it. It would be the best wearing scarf idea in this season. You will look so stylish and unique with your scarf.

Make a Bow

Another trick on wearing scarf idea is giving an extra touch to your fashion. Choose a long scarf and draped over your neck, then create a beautiful bow with it. This unique scarf makes your fashion looks more attractive and beautiful. Choose a bright color scarf like a bright red for the best scarf appearance.

Plaid Blanket Scarf Tucked in Belt Several Different Ideas on Wearing Scarf Attractively Waist Twist Scarf Several Different Ideas on Wearing Scarf Attractively Woman Floral Head Scarf Several Different Ideas on Wearing Scarf Attractively

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