These are the Important Long Hair Treatment Tips for You

Having healthy long hair becomes all women desire who want to look feminine and elegant. But sometimes, long hair tends to have the dry and broken hair problems. Learn these long hair treatment tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Coconut Oil

The longer hair, of course, needs more nutrition than short hair. Therefore, give coconut oil to your hair and massage gently to make sure your hair follicle gets all the nutrition. Apply this long hair treatment for 2 hours and let the coconut oil is absorbed through the hair skin.

Right Shampoo

Washing long hair treatment with shampoo is effective to clean your hair from dirt and excessive oil. But too often washing hair also makes hair dry, brittle and broken moreover if you use shampoo which has low acidity level. Always use shampoo which has pH level 5,5 and doesn’t wash your hair more than 4 times a week.


Conditioner can maintain the smooth texture of long hair. Besides, conditioner gives more moisturizer to your hair and it can prevent the broken hair under the sun exposure. But you must remember to not apply the conditioner on the hair follicle because it can reduce the strength of follicles.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Yes, heat always damages the hair structure and hair color tone. Therefore, as a long hair treatment, you should avoid being under the sun exposure. Thinking about overheating doesn’t mean that covering head with a cap is enough. You must also avoid or reduce the using of a hair dryer or shampoo with warm water.

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Wet Hair

The long hair treatment for wet hair must be extra carefully. Did you know that wet hair is more prone to be frail and broken? You must extra careful in doing this long hair treatment.  Sometimes, drying wet hair with a towel can break the hair.

Trim All the Branching Hair

Long hair with branches problem cannot be avoided. You cannot let your hair damaged. Trim the hair tip for every six until eight weeks to minimize the damage. To have the long hair treatment, of course, need the extra attention than the short hair.

Coconut Oil Is Important for Long Hair Treatment to Keep Strong These are the Important Long Hair Treatment Tips for You Conditioner is Important to Care Long Hair These are the Important Long Hair Treatment Tips for You Trim the Branching Tip of Long Hair Treatment These are the Important Long Hair Treatment Tips for You

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