Leggings : Looking Fabolous

Put the leggings as a fashion trend and as a fashion collection that must be available and owned. But just like other fashions, leggings also have rules for use, so as not to be a worthy investment, leggings keep a piece of clothing that have give the perfect appearance.

Many people mistakenly equate leggings with stockings, but both have different functions. Leggings can be analogue as a substitute for pants with strict form. Meanwhile, a second skin like a stocking, is identical to a pair of legs that is not covered.

In order not make a mistake in wearing leggings, simply by remembering the principle of balance in appearance. Tight leggings match with a top or a loose blouse, such as sweaters, mini dress, tunic or oversized blouse with length above the knee. Wear leggings with the right size, not too long or too short. Must be right in the buttocks and thigh wraps, and cozy in the groin area and not too loose at the calf.

Leggings are not necessarily on the same color with the top, but choose the color of leggings that match with the top or blouse, to avoid the impression cut off from your body. Shoes that worn must also be selected carefully and appropriate. Flat shoes, wedges or stilettos are the perfect fit, stay adapted to the theme of clothing.

For women with proportional body, could combine leggings with short skirts or shorts as an additional equivalent of super short, if you do not hesitate to appear a little brave, but if not or feel in doubt, you should forget it or will make you less confident.

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For women with large body could still wear leggings and still look beautiful. The key is the selection of shoes. To disguise the form of short legs with a fat calf, choose the model of open footwear in the ankle, such as sandals or espadrilles wedges. Avoid the use of ankle boots or closed shoes ankle.

There is also a restrictions on wearing leggings that should not be violated. Do not ever wrinkled leggings whose size is too long. This will make the body look short and fat. Avoid to wear white leggings, since most women with a proportionate body can never be performed even if fitted with white leggings. White leggings will give a misleading impression, because the entire area under your torso will look bigger.

Best Leggings for Tall Woman Leggings : Looking Fabolous

Celebities Wearing Leggings with Casual Top Leggings : Looking Fabolous

Celebrities wearing Leggings Leggings : Looking Fabolous

Snake Prints Leggings with Sweater Leggings : Looking Fabolous

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