Make Your Own Lip Balm by Yourself

Sometimes the women have some problems on their lips, such as dry or cracked lips. The dry lips will give a bad result after applying the lipstick. It can bother the appearance because our lips are the center of attention for the people when we talk to them. Have you had a lip balm?

If you’re confused in choosing lip balm product, you can make it by yourself. It’s safer and made from natural ingredients. Let’s discuss!


A quarter cup of coconut oil

A quarter of an ounce of beeswax

One teaspoon of honey or glycerin (humectants)

A quarter to one spoon of essential oil

(If you want a colored lip balm, you can add a natural color)


  1. Heat the oil and beeswax in a microwave until the beeswax melts
  2. Lift up and whisk them with a mixer until the texture becomes soft
  3. Add the honey or glycerin (humectants) and add the essential oil (about 5 drops), stir them again. As I said before, if you want a colored lip balm, add the natural color. Be careful when adding that. Then stir again.
  4. Pour the mix into a small jar which completed with the lid.
  5. Taste it to your lips
  6. If the lip balm is too hard, you can add more oil into the mix. If it’s too soft, add the beeswax

You can make a colored lip balm with the natural color. I mean that this color from the fruits or vegetable juice, because if you use the food color, maybe it contains alcohol. You can use your broken lipstick, but your lipstick is a mineral lipstick or made from safe substances.

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Use a safe essential oil. The essential oil has many kinds of tastes, such as rosemary, tea tree or you can use the camphor oil for the best effect.

By doing the DIY, you can do as your pleasure whether you want a glossy or creamy lip balm. You can manage the mix. Also, you can determine the taste or color of your lip balm. Happy trying, girls!

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