Lolita, Eccentric Fashion from Japan

Firstly, Lolita fashion came from Japan and then it embraced all over the world. Actually, Lolita is adapted from Victorian era which tends to cover all parts of the body with a heavy dress. Intricate design with lots of lace and ruffle adorn this dress. As this trend develops, Lolita is classified into 7 types which are discussed below.

Gothic Lolita

This style is a most popular in Japan which is adapted from two different styles, gothic (the dark ages of Europe) and Lolita of Rococo and Victorian era. As its name, gothic Lolita is identical with black and white which is adorned with ruffle and ribbons. Almost the skirt part is completed with crinoline and petticoat. Stocking, high socks, and Marry Jane boots usually accompany this style.

Sweet Lolita

From its name, we already knew that it reflects a sweet, lovely, cute and cheerful girl. The accents of this style are made as adorable as possible. This style is formed by a dress which uses light pastel color like pink, red, purple and cream.

Punk Lolita

True, Punk Lolita is combined from punk and Lolita as well. This style shows a little tomboy girl which is beautiful with her appearance. Accessories which accompany this style are chains, pin, plaid skirt, tie, and doll. Sometimes it is combined with boots or sports shoes.

Erotic Lolita

The beautiful body curves of the girl wearing this dress are the main purpose of this style. The skirt is usually shorter than other kinds of Lolita styles. Additionally, they also wear tight pants.

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Maid Lolita

Surely, you have familiar with this style. This style is inspired by the French maids. The upper part of this dress is made like a corset and adding with the high stocking on the bottom part. People believe that this style can make everyone look younger.

Wa Lolita

This style of Lolita is combined with kimono and yukata. As we already knew that kimono and yukata are Japanese traditional costume. However, the length of Wa Lolita dress is usually not more than your knee.

Classic Lolita

This style is more mature than others and focusing on Rococo and Victorian style. It is the middle of Gothic and Sweet Lolita. Makeup and colors of this style are more natural.

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