Makeup Tips for Your Acne Skin

Acne always becomes the big problem of your appearance that makes you unconfident. Applying makeup to cover your acne may make your acne become worse. So you must be careful to choose makeup products. By giving more attention, you can apply makeup safely to your acne face. See these makeup tips for your acne skin.

Oil-free Primer

The first step you need before applying your makeup is an oil-free primer. This primer can absorb your excessive oil and make your makeup last longer on your face. Besides, your skin will look softer by this oil-free primer and it can ease you to apply your makeup.

Special Foundation for Acne Skin

There are so many choices of foundation for you who have acne skin. But you better to choose a foundation which has salicylic acid that can cover your acne. Besides, this foundation also helps to cure your acne.

Creamy Concealer

Sometimes, only applying foundation is not enough to cover your spots. To give the perfect covering, you may need creamy concealer. Apply creamy concealer on your face using your finger or brush. Gently pat the concealer in some parts of your face which will be covered then flatten with your fingertip.

Setting Powder

Apply some setting powder after foundation and concealer to your face. Just apply it slightly with your brush to avoid too matte or ca key on your face. The using of a brush is to make your color face more natural.

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Natural Blush

Choosing a natural color of blush is the best choice for you. Some people who have acne skin may avoid this item because it will accentuate the acne on their skin. But if you don’t use blush, you will look pale and pallid. So you must select the natural color of blush and match it with your skin tone. Your appearance will look natural with this natural blush.

Controlling Face Oil

Always keep some blotting paper in your makeup pouch every day. When your face starts to become oily, use your blotting paper to absorb the oil on your face. Therefore your face will look fresh without oil and pallid. Now, you will be more confident all day long with your fresh appearance.

Special Foundation for Acne Skin Makeup Tips for Your Acne Skin How to Apply Makeup for Acne Skin Makeup Tips for Your Acne Skin Natural Blush for Makeup Your Acne Skin Makeup Tips for Your Acne Skin

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