The Best Makeup Tricks to Cover up Acne Perfectly

Having acne problem on the face is really annoying for everyone. But, don’t worry, ladies! You can treat your acne problem and cover it with some awesome makeup tricks. You don’t need to use some makeup products to disguise your acne. When you must attend a party and you feel not confident with your face, try these tricks to cover up acne instantly.

Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Even you still have acne on your face; you still need a moisturizer to your face before applying makeup. The acne problem may drive to a serious problem which also makes your skin tends to be sensitive. Therefore, choose a moisturizer special for the oily skin type. Moreover, makeup can stick perfectly and last longer on skin if it stays moist. This trick can cover up acne problem easily.

Use CC Cream to Even Skin Tone

The inflamed acne makes your skin looks uneven and there is redness on face. To cover up acne on your face, you need to apply CC cream. Comparing with BB cream, CC cream tends to be high coverage for uneven skin tone. For the formal event, you can add the foundation after that. But, make sure that the CC cream has been absorbed by your skin before you adding the foundation.

Apply Eyeshadow Primer to Cover Up Acne

Well, now it’s time to disguise the acne. Instead of straightly applying concealer, try to use an eyeshadow primer first. Similar to makeup primer, eyeshadow primer can bind makeup above. This ability can also be used to make concealer stays long lasting. Blend the primer evenly on the skin especially on the acne area which could cover up acne perfectly.

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Green Concealer

To cover up the redness acne, choose a concealer in green color. It is because if you choose the same color concealer with your skin tone, the redness may still be visible. Therefore, using green concealer seems better to cover up acne perfectly. Apply it on the acne area and redness skin using a makeup sponge. Those are the makeup tricks to simply cover up acne perfectly which are very easy and simple to try.

CC cream to Cover Up Acne The Best Makeup Tricks to Cover up Acne Perfectly Eye Primer to Cover Up Acne The Best Makeup Tricks to Cover up Acne Perfectly Green Concealer to Cover Up Acne The Best Makeup Tricks to Cover up Acne Perfectly

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