Match the Style with the Sneakers

The sneakers aren’t only identic with the boys. Now, many girls wear the sneakers, because there are unisex sneakers, so every gender can wear. Also, the sneakers aren’t only identic with the casual or sporty look. Many people wear those sneakers in many styles and event like a semi-formal event.

There are popular sneaker brands which often used by people such as Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, and others. Usually, their latest models always hunted by the sneaker lovers. The sneakers have many types such as basic sneakers, they are suitable for many styles. One of the basic sneakers is Vans classic. The statement sneakers are the most fashionable shoes because they have many details and colors. Now, many brands release these shoes. Then, the running shoes are for a sports activity. These shoes made of light material so can make comfort the owner. The all white sneakers are being a popular item nowadays. For some people having this sneaker is a must. Wear the all white sneakers can have more stunning style. High top sneakers look like the boots. If less comfortable to wear the boots, the high top sneaker can be an alternative. It’ll be an edgy look. The last is wedge sneakers for the girls. These are the heeled sneakers. If wear this shoe will look higher then. There aren’t only strappy sneakers, but also slip on sneakers or Velcro sneakers.

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A girl can have the feminine yet sporty look by combining the sneaker with a skirt whether it’s midi, mini, or long skirt. The overall, jeans, jacket also fits the sneaker. Don’t worry to get a tomboy look because with sneaker still has a feminine look. Flower pattern skirt with the sneaker? It’s no problem.

If a boy wants to attend a semi-formal event, still can wear the sneaker and combine with the suits or shirt.

Sneakers are easy to be matched with many styles, but they can’t be matched randomly. Choose the right style with the right shoes. Wait! A girl can wear a dress with the sneaker for a semi-formal event. Keep the best style in your way.

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