Men’s Fashion – Combining Double Denim in One Appearance

Combining double denim usually consists of two denim outfits in one appearance, for instance, denim jacket and jeans. This double denim can make the men’s appearance more handsome and fashionable. Wearing double denim style actually is not easy. But, don’t worry. If you know these three main guides in combining double jeans trend, you will look so stylish and attractive.

Contrasting Denim

Contrasting denim means combining double denim with the different color or contrast color. Giving the contrast look is the safest way wearing denim outfit. Usually, these two types of denim come in dark and bright color. Combining two different colors make your appearance casual and not too much. It creates the classic look. Denim in bright color brighten up the hidden part, meanwhile dark color denim can create the slimmer look. Therefore, it is important to place the brighter color denim on the top and the darker color for pants. Denim jacket, T-shirt, and dark color jeans will make you look casual and handsome everywhere you go.

Combining Double Denim in the Same Color

If you have the same washing and color jeans, you can wear them together but it should be added a patterned outfit to separate the denim color. Wear a plaid, striped shirt or T-shirt in contrast color to make your double denim look cool. Combining double denim in the same color is not a problem anymore if you choose the right outfit for it.

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Monochrome Denim Color

The dark color denim is certainly cool than any others. Different with blue denim color, combining double denim in black color brings more positive effect. Besides, combining double denim in monochrome color gives the slimmer body look. Choose black or navy denim top with black jeans to create the monochrome fashion style.

You can also give the blue color touch in your monochrome denim style. It is because the bright blue and navy are still in the same chrome. This combination also gives you more elegant and glamor looks rather than blue denim.

Well, for you who like wearing denim or jeans, you should try combining double denim like the tips above. Those appearances will make you look more handsome and cool.

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