Men’s Items that Actually Awesome on You

Do you want a new and different appearance? Combining masculine and feminine items will make you look wonderful and attractive. Borrow your boyfriend stuff which can make you cooler and stylish. But what kind of men’s item you can wear? Here are 7 of them.



Tuxedo fashion actually can be followed by women moreover, it can give you sexy accent when you’re wearing it. Besides, it has multifunction to be worn. You can combine it with jeans or legging for casual style or cocktail dress for a more formal occasion.


Gold Watch

Well, a gold watch is popular and you can wear it to be more stylish and cool. Don’t worry to borrow your boyfriend or your brother watch and it’s too large on you. Precisely, it gives a bangle accent on you. You can also combine it with some colorful bracelet as fancier and girly look.


White Shirt

An oversized shirt actually will make you look sexier. Choose long sleeves shirt and pair it with ripped jeans. The combination color of white and blue jeans will present a smooth coordination. To make you more elegant and stylish, wear your high heels shoes.


Sweater or Sweatshirt

Oversized sweater surely is cool. You can borrow it from your boyfriend or your brother. Make your appearance more feminine with a lace mini skirt. So cute and cool!


Men’s Belt

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If you feel that his brown belt look bored on him, it will be the opposite of you. You will look so attractive with a brown belt. Wear it with your favorite jeans and insert your shirt in your jeans to show the belt. Make your style cooler with a little blazer.


Flannel Shirt

Men’s flannel shirt is actually good for you. You can wear it as a jacket. With the masculine accent of your shirt, combine it with your feminine styles like a blouse and mini skirt. Choose the different color to make your appearance more attractive.


Jeans Pants

Who said that men’s jeans are not good for us? Like the oversized shirt or sweater, men’s jeans are actually awesome for you. Roll up your jeans if it is too long for you. Just pair it with T-shirt for more casual look.

Tuxedo Outfits for Women Men’s Items that Actually Awesome on You Beautiful Gold Watch for Women Men’s Items that Actually Awesome on You Nice White Shirt for Bussiness Women Men’s Items that Actually Awesome on You

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