Nail Polish Colors for the Dark Skin

Same with lipstick, your nails polish color should be matched with your skin. There are so many color choices make us difficult to select the best color for our skin. If you have the dark skin, don’t confuse, see these following tips to help you choose the good color of your nail polish.


Electric Yellow

If you think that you must avoid some bright colors for your dark skin, you are completely wrong. Electric yellow is good for the dark skin. The contrast effect of this bright yellow is very attractive on your dark skin. Don’t forget to cover your polished nails with a transparent top coat to make your nails glossy.



Maybe, the nude color should be had by all women because this color will make your finger looks slimmer and beautiful. The nude color is actually matched with your dark skin tone. The light and calm effect of the nude color will smoothly balance your skin tone. For the super sleek design, choose nude brown nail polish for your pretty nails.


Pastel Blue

You must remember that pastel colors always give cool accent and dark color give the warm accent. Thus, you can make the contrasting tone to your nails by applying pastel blue color. It will be so beautiful contrasting with your fantastic dark skin. Add the transparent top coat for the sparkling and glamorous result.

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Maybe this color is not a favorite color among people because most people tend to choose some bright or pastel colors to their nails. However, grey color is match with the dark skin tone. This color will make your nails look chic and classic and moreover so elegant combining with your exotic brown skin.


Dark Green

Some dark and deep colors are very cool for the dark skin. Choose a dark green color for your nails which is elegant for you. Green makes your fingers look fresh and clean. Additionally, with the natural and glossy nails, your appearance will be wonderful and attractive.


Ok, now choose your favorite color to be applied to your nails. You will look so glamorous and stylish with your beautiful nails.

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