Natural Makeup Tricks for Teenager

If you are still young, there is no need to apply too much makeup on your face if you want to have a fresh appearance. Thus, you just need natural and minimalist makeup. Just follow these natural makeup tricks to make you look fresh and sweet.


  1. Apply BB cream or CC cream instead of Foundation

Usually, we tend to perfect our makeup by applying foundation to cover everything on the face like dark spots, wrinkle and also smile line. Well, if you choose the wrong color foundation, you will look so scary instead of being beautiful. To make a flawless makeup but still natural, you just need a BB cream or CC cream which has the lighter texture than foundation. Make sure that you choose the right color for your face and blend it with your sponge for the natural result.


  1. Blend Your Eyebrow with Brush

If you always use an eyebrow pencil to draw your eyebrows, don’t go too thick. Just apply it slightly on your eyebrows and blend it with your brush. The perfect blending will make your eyebrows look natural.


  1. Choose Bronze Color for Your Eyeshadow

Brown and gold eyeshadow can be your choice to make you fresh. The bronze color creates the natural appearance which makes you look younger rather than the neon colors.


  1. Use Eyeliner Pencil rather than Liquid Eyeliner
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Eyeliner pencil has the smoother texture and application rather than liquid eyeliner thus you must choose eyeliner pencil for your daily makeup.


  1. Pick a Transparent Mascara

Actually, applying mascara is not a must for the natural makeup. But if you want to create the thick eyelashes, pick transparent mascara. Or, you can just use an eyelash curler for the natural but beautiful look.


  1. Concealer

Dark circle under eye may make you like a zombie. So, don’t forget to apply the concealer on your under eye.


  1. Apply Lip Gloss

The glossy effect of lip gloss will make you fresher and natural. Apply the concealer on your lips before you applying lip gloss for the long lasting result.


  1. Natural Loose Powder

Choose a translucent setting powder to set your makeup lasts longer rather than the two-way cake.

Fresh and Beautiful Bronze Eyeshadow Natural Makeup Tricks for Teenager How to Apply Transparent Mascara to Complete Your Natural Makeup Natural Makeup Tricks for Teenager Try to Blend Your Eyebrow with Brush Natural Makeup Tricks for Teenager

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