The Natural Ways to Get Rid Your Dry & Cracked Heel

For you who love to wear the high heels without a strap or closed high heels (such as ankle strap high heels, stiletto, etc), or wear the slippers too, definitely, you want to have the healthy heel. Is it right? Imagine that you have dry and cracked heel, you’ll never be confident to wear what you love. Other people will see your unhealthy heel.

This is caused by the temperature (too high/too hot), too often take a bath or swim in a heavy chlorinated pool, the active sweat gland, overweight, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis/eczema), and others.

You have to get rid of your unhealthy heel! Read the tips!

  1. After taking a bath, apply the moisturizer on your heel! It’ll moisten your heel.
  2. Add a little of the oil on your body or your bath tub! The oil will give a relaxed feel and makes your heel humid.
  3. Wear the comfort shoes to protect your feet!
  4. Avoid wearing the socks which made from nylon/rayon, because these materials can cause the dryness.
  5. Before sleeping, soak your feet in the mineral oil and water mix! Soak your feet about 10 mins, then massage your feet slowly.
  6. Mash the banana, and apply it on your cracked heel! Rinse with the cool water!
  7. Soak your feet in lemon solution water about 15 mins. Rub & rinse!
  8. Milk & honey. Mix them and soak your feet for 15-20 mins! Rub and rinse with the warm water! Do it once a week.
  9. Keep your feet clean! I mean, clean your feet especially the heel regularly. You can use the pumice.
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At least, you should switch to wear the closed shoes such as sneakers, stiletto, ankle strap high heels, etc. Don’t forget to buy a cream for your heel.

Cracked Heels Treatments with Simple Ways The Natural Ways to Get Rid Your Dry & Cracked Heel Foot Creams for Dry Cracked Heels Treatments The Natural Ways to Get Rid Your Dry & Cracked Heel Soaking Your Feet in the Mineral Oil and Water Mix The Natural Ways to Get Rid Your Dry & Cracked Heel

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