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Wearing pajama all day long on the street may look awkward but now it’s not at all. Since the pajamas are brought by some popular fashion icons, they become a big fashion trend this summer. Some celebrities prove that wearing pajamas can create a chic and stylish appearance. So, if you are comfortable in your pajama, don’t replace your clothes, but add some touches to make it chic and trendy. See these following tips which inspire you to have a wonderful appearance.

Pajamas Types

There are many kinds of pajamas you can choose such as silk or cotton in the dark or bright color. You can choose your favorite one. Also, you can pick the patterned pajama for more attractive and chic appearance. With the super casual look of the pajamas, you better to choose the elegant color of pajama and wear your high heels for stylish and chic appearance. Also bring your little purse and black sunglasses which simply enhance your style.

Cute Accessories

When you have this fashion trend, you can also add some cute accessories to make your appearance more attractive. For example, if you like the super feminine style, wear a headband with a big bow or bring your pretty clutch for more glamour look. Make sure that you don’t put too many accessories because instead of being chic and trendy, you will look too much and weird.

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Wear Pajamas with Your Best Friend

Wearing pajamas with your best friend may become so exciting to show your trendy fashion. It also helps you to more confident to wear the pajamas with your friend. With the harmonious combining between your both styles, it will look compact and so attractive.

More Layers

If you are still not confident with this pajamas trend, you can combine it with another outfit to disguise your pajama. For example, you can add an oversized sweater as an outer for the casual style. But if you want to be more formal and trendy, you can layer it with a blazer as an outerwear. Well, if you are already convinced of showing the pajamas trend, be confident with it and you will have a chic and trendy appearance.

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