The Types of Shoes & Their Usefulness Part 2

Are you a shoe lover? Do you know the usefulness of every shoe? Don’t say no and don’t let your ignorance make your appearance in a mess. The right shoes will perfect your fashion style.

Flat shoes

This is a teenager favorite shoes because has a casual style. These shoes have design without any heels. If you love simple style, this type of shoe is the best choice for you and your daily. The flat shoes are suitable for all outfit types. Avoid wearing the midi skirt because will make your feet look shorter.


It has flat sole or slipper-shaped. Loafer shoes are suitable when you wear pantaloon pants or boyish pants. Generally, the loafer shoes for women have rather high heels. Combine the chino pants, white stripe sleeve, and long strap bag with your loafer shoes to have an edgy look.

Mary Jane shoes

You will find flat or heels of mary jane shoes. But, definitely mary jane shoes have a strap on the bottom of the ankle. You can do the mix and match with legging, skinny jeans, a mini skirt which make your appearance look more beautiful.


It’s sharp on the front side and has high, slim, and sharp heels. This is suitable for you to attend a party and wear a gown. Stiletto also can be combined with a long trouser.

Platform shoes

A character of these shoes is having the thick sole on the both of heels or sole. The platform shoes don’t make the wearer tired easily and suitable to be combined with all types of pants, except the cargo pants.

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This shoe has the same shape with the sports shoes. But, it looks simpler. Don’t worry, sneakers aren’t always for the tomboy personality. Usually, people combine their sneakers with casual or sporty clothes. Wanna a chic look? You can combine the sneakers with a mini skirt or midi skirt. Your look will be sporty and chic at once.

Well, I’ve explained all the usefulness and character of every shoe. So, which one do you want to wear? Every shoe is good for its character, but it’s up to you.

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