Place Your Jewelry Properly

The jewelry is the precious thing which has sale value. Jewelry owner will keep her jewels as safe and as good as possible. Who wants to lose the valuable items? I think no one. Although, in a proper place to save your jewels, but many people do not know the dangers, particularly save the jewelry in a jewelry box.

Take care your jewelry because it’s your asset and can perfect your appearance.

The common tips

Clean your jewelry after wearing and before putting it back in its place. It’s important, but don’t forget clean the rest of body lotion, perfume, sweat, even hairspray. Your jewelry may become dull if you don’t clean it.

Storage tips

Okay, maybe you save your jewelry in a box. But, you must separate your jewelry to others. Because if your box doesn’t have the separator, possibility your jewelry will twirl or crash into each other. You can buy some jewelry boxes which designed especially for rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Choose a box which covered by velvet material. It’s a soft place for your jewelry and keeps from scratching. Another way is to wrap your jewelry with soft material like tissue.

If you have jewelry with different metal, don’t save them in one place. For example, don’t store your gold jewelry with other varieties of jewelry. In fact, gold is a malleable metal and easily to be scratched. To prevent the tangling of your necklaces or bracelets, by hanging them is a good way. You can buy bracelets or necklaces stand for hanging them. But, to prevent the kink, you should save your jewelry by laying them in a flat place. For your earrings, you can save them in the hooks.

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Save your jewelry boxes in a strongbox because I know you don’t want your jewelry to be stolen. Keep away from in a humid and hot place, a hot temperature can cause your jewelry color become fade and it will ruin your jewelry quickly.

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