These are the Popular Beauty Trend in 2017

Like fashion, beauty trend also always change by the time. In 2017, it is predicted that contouring and highlighting still become the popular beauty trend among women. But, since 2016, there were some weird beauty trends which come again in 2017. You need makeup technique and thoroughness to create bold ombre lipstick until sun stripping. These are some popular beauty trend in 2017 which may inspire you in doing makeup.

Fake Freckles

Most of the women, of course, don’t like having many red spots on face. But, do you believe that it becomes the popular beauty trend in 2017? Well, red spots or freckles are predicted made from brown eyeliner. You must be ready for this weird beauty trend if you want to try it. Buy faux freckles, a mask to create the red spots on face.

Sun Stripping Trend

Strobing makeup trend will be replaced by sun stripping in 2017. Sun stripping is a technique to create the brighter look not by using highlighter but bronzer with the finish matte result. This product is swept on upper cheekbones trough nose. Then it’s blended for the smoother shade result.

Coordination Color

Makeup look with the matching color tone or coordinated colors becomes popular beauty trend this year; for example, applying the same color blush and eyeshadow. You can also use the same color lipstick but can also use the softer color for the more natural makeup look.

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Colored Mascara

Black mascara seems outdated in 2017. Now, you should choose a mascara with the bright color choice as the popular beauty trend such as electric blue or metallic gold. Those colors will make your eyes look brighter and attractive.

Bold Lipstick

Ombre lips still become the popular beauty trend this year. But, you must apply more complicated makeup technique. Bold color lipstick will be a very popular but with the softer color ombre on the inner part. Besides, it will be popular also the glossy lipstick trend, metallic color until glittery lipstick.

Colored Illuminator

Highlighter or illuminator actually has become the favorite cosmetic among women since last few years. But the most popular beauty trend in 2017 is colored illuminator not only white.

2017 Ombre Lipstick Beauty Trend These are the Popular Beauty Trend in 2017 Fake Freckles Beauty Trend 2017 These are the Popular Beauty Trend in 2017 Sun Stripping Beauty Trend in 2017 These are the Popular Beauty Trend in 2017

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