These are the Popular Hair Color Trend in 2017

We have already passed the 2016 hairstyle trend which was popular with platinum blonde and ombre hairstyle. Then, what is the upcoming hair color trend in 2017? You should change your hair color this year by the newest hair color trend. These are the reference of hair color trend which popular in 2017.

Nude Color Dye

The nude color doesn’t only become favorite color in makeup trend but also for hair color trend. This term is used to call blonde color hair with neutral undertone which creates the whole face looks nude. Generally, nude hair color comes from blonde hair color which is matched with the skin tone. The key in creating this hair color is the hair dye composition.

Tiger Eye

Well, this variation of balayage hair color trend starts popular in 2017. The color name is taken from tiger eye stone which is similar with the tiger eye color, sparkling golden brown. In hair coloring, tiger eye color is mixed from some colors, that is, honey brown, amber, and soft brown. This color actually is developed from bronde hair color (brunette and blonde) but it tends to use the balayage technique to create the natural look.

Smokey Ombre

In 2017, it seems that ombre hairstyle still popular. The most favorite variation will be smokey ombre which is the combination of gray and ombre. The smokey ombre hairstyle in this year will be combined from black, dark brown and soft gray.

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Rose Gold

It is absolutely wonderful when the rose gold color becomes the most favorite hair color trend among women since it looks feminine and glamorous. This hair color seems becoming the pastel pink sequel, the biggest trend in 2016. According to the name, this hair color uses golden blonde with the pink accent which looks shiny. Another way is combining pastel pink color with platinum blonde color to create the paler look.

Chocolate Mauve

The last happening hair color trend in 2017 is chocolate mauve which tends to be softer. Mauve is derived from pale purple which if it is mixed with brown color, will create the unique hair color combination. This trend looks beautiful with soft purple shade for you who don’t like bold hair color style.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend in 2017 These are the Popular Hair Color Trend in 2017 Rose Gold Hair Color Trend 2017 These are the Popular Hair Color Trend in 2017 Tiger Eye Hair Color Trend 2017 These are the Popular Hair Color Trend in 2017

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