The Most Popular Ombre Hair Color Trend in 2017

The ombre hair color trend in 2017 is identical with brownish and golden color. It depends on everyone’s favorite color. The hair color choice can be decided by the skin tone. Start from very short until long hair and straight until curly hair can be styled with ombre hair color. Find the most popular ombre hair color in 2017 before you start to fall your choice. Check these out!

The Combination of Medium Brown, Honey Blonde, and Light Auburn

The combination of those above colors is dominated with honey blonde color or tends to be gold. With this hairstyle, you can style your hair in simple and elegant hairstyle.

Blonde and Golden Brown Ombre

This ombre hair color will be more beautiful with a little accessory on hair. If you have oval face type, it is very recommended to have this hair color. Last few years, the combination between golden brown and blonde become the most choice hair color trend for some formal events. Besides, blonde and golden brown ombre is suitable for women in any face type. Combine this ombre hairstyle with the matching color outfit for the best and elegant appearance.

Ombre Hair Color for Short Hair

If you have short hair, you can choose the combination of the darkest color from the follicle turn to the lighter color until the hair tip. The combination of brown, blonde and pink make women looks fresh.

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Ombre Hair Color for the Curly Hair

The curly hair will look perfect with the brighter color hair combination. When you choose this hairstyle, make it perfect with attractive fashion style.

Some examples above are the most popular ombre hair color in 2017. To get the perfect ombre hairstyle you must do it carefully. Every hair stylist has her/his own way to create the best result. Actually, you can do it by yourself in some steps way.
The first step, prepare some components you need such as bleach, hair dye, brush and hair tie. Wash your hair then apply bleach to your hair. It continues to the hair coloring process with smooth gradient color from the follicle until hair tip. Make sure you do it according to the instruction to get the best result.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Curly Hair The Most Popular Ombre Hair Color Trend in 2017 Brown Golden Brown and Pink Ombre Short Hairt The Most Popular Ombre Hair Color Trend in 2017  The Most Popular Ombre Hair Color Trend in 2017

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