The Proper Steps of Makeup

You always find the makeup tutorials from the beauty bloggers. They look so flawless in their makeup. Are you a makeup beginner? Wanna know the steps? Read the proper steps of makeup below.

1st: Cleanser

Wash your face before using makeup. It’s an important step, baby! Don’t let your face dirty because can cause the acne on your face.

2nd: Moisturizer

It’s for balancing the skin pH after being washed. Choose a moisturizer which contains SPF to protect the skin from UV. In this step, you can only use the primer or moisturizer, or you can mix them with a 2:1 of comparison of primer and moisturizer.

3rd: Foundation

It’s a makeup base. If you want a foundation with a light coverage, choose the tinted moisturizer. Use the foundation on your face evenly.

4th: Concealer

Some people use the concealer before use the foundation, it’s no problem. Concealer is to cover the imperfect areas of your face, such as acne scars, or dark circle eyes. If you want to cover the dark circle, choose an orange concealer. The green concealer is for covering the reddish area. Mix the neutral concealer with red lipstick or lip tint, to cover the dark circle eyes.

5th: Bonzer, blush

After using a foundation or concealer and you want to shade, use the bronzer on the cheekbone, forehead, and the other area which you want to be bolded. Flatten with a brush, and then use pink or pseudo orange blush on the cheek. To get the long lasting blush, you can use a cream blush.

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6th: Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows

Use the eye shadow, then to make the eyes bolder, use the eyeliner, and the last is use the mascara to curl your eyelashes. You don’t need to shave your eyebrows and you don’t have to make your eyebrows becomes black and thick. Make as natural as possible.

8th: Powder

Use the loose powder as the last step. It’s for absorbing the oil and use a face brush to apply the powder.

9th: Lipstick

This is the last step. To get a perfect lip, you can use a lip liner before using a lipstick. Apply a lipstick start from center to the outside of the lip.

Make sure your hands are clean before makeup your face. It’s for avoiding the bacteria which can stick on your face.

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