Replace Your Concealer with These Things

The most complicated people are the women. How come? Yes, they always want to have a flawless look whether for their fashion style, body, and face. Mostly every woman loves to doll up from head to toe. The women always try to have a maximum appearance, even they have to spend a long time for it. Especially for make up their face, they must face-to-face with their lovely mirror and beauty kit.
Despite, the women already have a perfect skin and face, they always feel that something’s missing. The common enemies of women are acne scars, pimple, dark circle, and wrinkles. Sssh.. But, they can conquer all in minutes. Fabulous!! Because the women also have a mainstay weapon. It’s a concealer! But, imagine if your concealer runs out suddenly? As the fabulous people, don’t worry!
Here, we’ll talk about that. We give you some alternative ways, to replace your concealer. This is also for the women who have a problem of the concealer (i.e pores clogging).

1. Foundation
Maybe, it does not cover your problems perfectly, but at least it can hide them. Choose the best foundation and adjust with your skin tone and needs. According to the Glamour Magazine, the best foundations 2016 are Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation with a brush (£34.50), YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation (£32.50), Shiseido Synchro Skin-Lasting Liquid Foundation, (£32.00), and others.

2. Mineral makeup
Mineral concealer is different with the usual, because this concealer is made of natural ingredients, and have milder texture instead of the ordinary concealer. So, you don’t have to worry about pores clogging.

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3. Tinted moisturizer
If you use this tinted moisturizer, in addition to covering the face weakness, it also repairs your skin condition and makes your skin becomes fresh and smooth. It’s different with the ordinary moisturizer, so choose as your skin needs.

4. Sulfur cream
It’s a light yellow color cream and for covers the acne or blemishes. The color is for hiding your redness on acne and dry up your acnes.

So, which do you want to use? It’s for conquering your acne problem. Hopefully, they all work for you. Happy trying!

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