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Women is a shoes lovers. It could even be said that women were number one fans of shoes. Especially when a woman is in a bad mood will take it out by buying a pair of new shoes to improve their mood. Or when they are feeling very happy, also will buy a new pair of shoes as a gift or to celebrate the joy of it. There is also a woman who has a collection of shoes in large numbers with different reasons for different events on which all shoes should be worn. So there is always a justification to buy new shoes again. But before adding your shoes collection, make sure you understand some of the rules below so you will not regret with the collection of shoes that you already have.

1. Make sure your shoes’s size right. The size of shoes that are too small or too large would not be comfortable to wear no matter how good is the shoes or how you like the shoes. Do not let it just be a display on your closet .

2. Select shoes with bright colors like white, khaki or pastels to brilliant effect on appearance. You can combine it with black clothing, denim or even a bright red dress.

3. Choose shoes appropriate to the theme of the event. Open-toe shoes are a little less polite and less suitable paired with a conservative suit dress. Flat shoes would look too casual when worn with dress coktail. Make sure that sneakers are only used by sport or casual wear or jeans. Classic black pump shoes is the best solution if you feel unsure of what is appropriate footwear worn to an event.

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4. Decide what you want to look like and highlight. Stiletto shoes given the slim impression in your appearance. While high heel shoes with decorative ribbon heel gives the impression of cute when worn.

5. For outdoor activities stiletto clearly not the right choice, even for the sexiest stiletto. Flat shoes are the best choice, but if you want to look taller then the wedges can be an ideal choice.

6. Sky-High shoes pair with a skirt or knee dress. When you wear a mini skirt or short dress, avoid shoes with high heels. Flat shoes would be better because it will balance the appearance so it does not look nude and expose the foot excessively.

7. Use flat shoes with a fit dress. Make sure the clothing sewn neatly with the length of the fitting. Cuts pipe pants should fall right above the ankle, while the long skirt or dress should end above the knee.

8. Most important is the balance in appearance. Thick-heels shoes suitable with layered clothing. Vice versa, a pair of thin-strapped sandals are the right blend to a thin dress.
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