Sexy Corset

Since the Victorian era, the corset has become an important detail in the clothing of women. Unfortunately, until now, most women assume that wearing a corset synonymous with torture, or discomfort due to breathing difficulty.Currently, the designer of the world has given new definition to the corset. Not only as a lingerie (sexy lingerie) but also has become a fashion item which you can wear it outside in accordance with the event. For example, you can match corset with jeans to look more sexy. Or cover with a blazer if you want to look semi-formal.

The right size is an important requirement in choosing a corset. That is why, when creating a corset you should really measure the size of your upper body. Or if you want to buy so, make sure you try it first. If you want to use a corset every day, choose a mini corset made of satin that is quite flexible. This corset falls just below the torso, so that the bone corset that forms do not pierce the body’s curves when used for seating. If you choose a corset made of lace, ensure adequate stretch lace at the same time can absorb sweat so it is quite comfortable to wear everyday.

Avoid corsets that are too small at the waist. No need to force yourself to have a body like an hourglass. Remember, the girdle is not functioning to reduce waist circumference. And for those of you whose weight is easy up and down, you should choose a corset with strap accents (could be placed in rear or front). This rope can be used to tighten the corset when your weight down or to relax if your weight increases. Sexy does not always pain.

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Woman wearing Corset with Natural Wreastline Sexy Corset

Modern Sexy Corsert with Shirt Sexy Corset

Sexy Corset with Pants Sexy Corset

Sexy Lingerie Corset Sexy Corset

Stylish Sexy Corset wearing with Pans Sexy Corset



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